No Gilded Cage


No Gilded Cage for her. Hidden in the Darkness. Yet there is a glimpse of gold…that special treasure. Lock carefully hidden…do you have the key? Shall I lock it for you?blog4GHEE’s love affair with fetish wear continues at The Darkness with this stunning catsuit in super shiny latex with sheer cutaway panels. The Midori Catsuit comes with an 8 latex colour HUD.  The matching ultra high platform heels are also available. Don’t be shy!Mainstore: GHEE

Don’t be shy!  Come and explore your Inner nature at The Darkness 

The Event runs from 5th to 28th each month


Mainstore: GHEEblog2

∼ Midori Catsuit & Heels  by GHEE

Location: Askaria: Realm of the Witches

are you sitting comfortably . then we shall begin...


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